Last week Cosworth USA picked up a red colored new type GE body STi. I haven’t driven it yet. It still has only 60 miles as of today, but I think Ken is going to “break it in” this weekend. Ken did say it feels soft and gummy compared to his EVO 8. Sitting in the driver’s seat it already felt soft and gummy. I think the seats suck ass and the older GD/GG STi seats felt much better. The build quality on this model seems a bit better though. Either way, “The Red Dragon” as Tyler in the engineering department dubbed the car, will be a gentleman’s STi. The goal is an adult street car that will smoke the shit out of those forum group buy built street cars with Chinamen parts while remaining truly fast and comfortable.
I’m not feelin the car’s lines since they are stolen directly from the Ford Focus, but I think it could look pretty damn buff with some work.

I like this rear 3/4 view except for that Mazda 3 rear quarter glass. I hate that shape rear quarter glass that all the new cars seem to have adapted starting with the Nissan Murano.

Things look pretty similar under the hood to the previous STi. This is good because tuners will be able to adapt many of the parts like downpipes, turbo systems, etc.

The dash is ok and get’s the job done. It’s just what a driver needs. Note the seats have no leg bolster support. I thought I was sitting in a Cadillac there for a second.

Rear leg room is good too for this size car. I’d say good enough for a couple of chicks around 5′ 6″ - just the way I like ‘em.

The cargo room kicks ASS. You fit two 12″ subs, a small amp rack and still have room for a couple of snowboards, golf clubs, etc. If you don’t mind looking like you’re driving a Focus, then this car would be a really good practical daily driver.

I hear mixed reviews about this. Sam Mitani at Road & Track writes that it doesn’t work too well. At least nothing like the EVO X’s AYC. The guys on Best Motoring say this car is great with SI-Drive. Time will tell. I say screw it all and throw in a Pectel Group N center diff controller.

Here you can see Subaru ditched that stupid dumb front subframe from the GD/GG chassis and simplified things with a subframe resembling the earlier GC/GF chassis.

A new rear mulitlink, psuedo double A arm rear suspensioin resides in the back. It should be much better than the infinitely moving roll center of the previous car’s MacPherson struts.

What’s with all the cars coming out with dual tip, dual exit exhausts? Everybody wants to be an E46 M3? It does look more mature than the coffee can single tip exhaust, but its more hassle when you fabricate something buff.

It will be fun building this car into the The Red Dragon it is destined to be.