This morning I was tuning the world’s cleanest Supra. I am VERY confident in saying that too. XS Engineering built a show Supra from the ground up (literally) for Sean, a really cool guy who is crazy about Supras. We put it on the dyno this morning for some power tuning. Aside from all the chrome in the engine, this car has a crazy 8 stage yellow pearl paint job, all stainless tube fuel lines (I mean ALL), a crazy ass fuel system, and just about anything else you can chrome and/or polish including subframes, suspension arms, bolts, tubes, etc. Hardware includes an HKS V-Pro ECU, HKS GT2835 x 2, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pumps x 2, XS Engineering ported head, HKS 272 cams, 4″ exhaust, and a bunch of other goodies. This is 1 of 2 Supras that Sean owns. The other green Supra will be 3.4L and more wicked than this. This one is the “show” car and the green car will be the one he actually drives and smokes Ferraris, Lambos, and Porsches with (his buddies all rock exotics). Sean rocks exotics too, but he grew up dicking with Japanese cars and of course, there’s no better feeling that smoking an exotic with a Japanese car. Anyhow, it is still a work in progress so I did not take pics of the entire car. The car is so clean that you could eat off of it.

Bling bling: put on your shades.

Yes, pulleys, accessories, brackets, bolts, and everything else you can imagine are also chrome. We ain’t talking about no yellow East LA chrome here. We’re talking fully polished, double plated, show quality chrome.

Unfortunately the RPS clutch had a little issue this morning so I was only able to tune up to 1.06kg/cm^2 or 15.05psi of boost which yielded 555hp at the wheels on 104 unleaded. Not bad, huh? I didn’t even get a chance to time the cams before the clutch issue arose. The goal is 800whp. Cool shit for a show car. I usually bag on show cars, but this one demands respect. I think Sean and the XS crew spent 100,000,000+ hours on it.