A couple weeks ago I met up with the XS and ARK Design posse to grab some food down in Wetminta. Oh sorry, for those of you who don’t understand the Vietnamese accent, that’s Westminister in Orange County, CA. Troy suggested we go to the Boiling Crab. I got there first and there was a crowd of people waiting outside so I put my name down. The cute waitress said it would be an hour or so. Damn I was thinking this shit better be good. So after an hour of shooting the shit with everybody and like 10 cigarettes later, we got seated and ordered up some crab, lobster, shrimp, crawfish, corn, fries, and oysters in various degrees of spiciness. I can say that it was well worth the wait.

The Boiling Crab serves Louisiana style fresh seafood with a hint of asian/Vietnamese flavor. The waitress lays out a sheet of plastic, they put a bib on you, and everything comes out in a bag. There are no utinsels or plates. You use your hands and the table. Make sure you don’t bring your high maintenance girlfriend because I guaranfuckingtee you she will not like it. It’s ok to bring the other one though. You know, the one you actually have fun with.

The food is EXCELLENT. It is super fresh. It tastes SFG as my good friend Aric would say. SFG = So Fucking Good. I really don’t think you’ll have shellfish this good anywhere outside of Louisiana. I’m not a big shellfish fan normally, but the Boiling Crab serves up some kick ass food. Watch out for the extra hot. You might think you’re the man if you can hang with spicy food (like I did), but their extra hot actually HURTS when you eat. What’s more is that it will hurt coming out too. I recommend you stick to the mild and hot.
There’s Pete from XS posing.

The raw oysters were huge and really good. I’ve never seen them that big.

Everything comes out in a bag. While everybody is grubbin, you soon loose track of what bag is what. You are just concentrating on ripping the shells off and then concentrating on the succulent morsel of shellfish in your mouth.

Here’s Andy, the madman behind Ark Design getting crazy with a king crab leg and an entire lobster. You might have seen the ads in Option Magazine or maybe their booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year. Look out for some good parts coming out of Ark Design soon.

So if you’re ever in Wetminta, they have two locations there and another in Houston, TX. Whatever the wait, I recommend you check it out. It will be well worth it. Also, right next door is a Vietnamese Coffee shop. For those of you who know the system, you should stop by there on Lingerie night. Drop me an email if you need a guide - to the Boiling Crab, of course.