Today I got to fly on Virgin Airlines for the first time. Seeing it on other peoples blogs made me really want to check it out for myself. I upgraded my seat for a small fee of $15 to sit by the emergency exit row. More leg room and 2 empty seats next to me is well worth the $15. The in flight entertainment system is top notch. The best yet i ever experienced when flying.

Red, the in flight entertainment system will keep you occupied the entire flight. Makes time go by super fast. Jet Blue needs to step up their game.

The controller is pretty hi-tech looking.

Take the controller out from the arm rest and flip it around. A mini keyboard so you can text and email friends or chat with other people on the plane.

The empty chat room

Now you don’t have to worry about the hot chick walking down the aisle not sitting next to you. You can just instant message her if you know her seat number.

Music video jukebox. I ended up watching every single video. By the time i finished, we were already landing.

The only thing thats lacking from Virgin Air is internet but I hear thats in the works.


The site has been down for quite some time now. But its finally up and running as of today. What a way to start off November. Enjoy =)

Just saw this on the Giz. Check out this complete catalog of all the mini lego figures produced from the 70s till now. I want them all!!! haha


B-Boys, DJs, beatboxers, kotos and nice cinematography. What a nice combination.

I really need to get a XBOX 360 now.

Movable objects just like how we use to move boxes, fridges, tables, garbage cans back in the day.

For some reason I always get bad luck with new Apple products. First it was the MacPro with the annoying loud broken fan, second, the iPhone not activating for 2 days, and now, the MacBook Pro. Thing is going haywire on me turning on and off. Time for an exchange.


Photo shoot at 21 Mercer

Yoshi and Mark taking photos of their lumpias

Chari & Co is the place to get all your fixed needs.

Rolled around NYC in a Escalade. Felt like we were in a rap video. Mark and Mark chillin on the side.

Filmed a bunch of high school athletes while I was in NY. I don’t know what kids are drinking these days, but they are surely tall. A bunch of them stood over 6 feet tall and they are only 13-15 years young.

Chelsea is on her way on becoming a professional soccer player.

We had the whole court to ourselves because this photographer scared all the little kids from playing ball. You don’t want to mess with this photographer. Super nazi style

Editing on the go.

Went to check out Mike Relm in NY. He just happened to have a show the night we arrived to NY.

Anton, Mike and Pat touring across the USA.


Back in NYC for the week again. Every time I ride in a NYC Cab, i get crazy motion sickness. Gas Brake Dip Dip!!!


Kero One is dropping his new album under his record label Plug Label really soon. Yu san, Yusai and I went out to film his new music video the other day. Kero style is super dope with jazzy hip hop beats and good flows. Can’t go wrong with that.

Kero- The talent

Yu san- The reflector boy

Yusai- Playback operator and comic reliefer

On location at Treasure Island

Check out this Common remix Kero made.

This is one of the best one shot sequence i ever scene. The choreography is insane and the people are very cheesy.

Finally got to skate the SF park in peace. Usually that place is a zoo with people flying all over the place. Chad and I hit up the park about 10am and there was barely anybody there. Great time to get a morning session in.

Got the call from Dustin the other day and he wanted to meet up and go skate. Last time I went out skating was almost a month ago, and at that time, i took a pretty hard fall. Being as old as I am, it takes a while to get up from my falls these days. I was out of commission for about 2 weeks. Dustin was also out for the month traveling around France and eating pastries all day. So yesterday we went out skating for a bit at this spot I never been to, and its right near my house. I’ve been missing out all these years. This video is just some random shots, nothing to exciting. Just having some fun getting used to my board again. Dustin was also injured so he wasn’t having a good day either. Enjoi

Found another one of those remixed JDM Insider segments on youtube. Apparently, the remixer guy is from Mexico or something, all the comments are in spanish.

Para q tu auto derrape, tenes q aprender la tecnica del drift. Primero te aconsejaria que hagas colear tu auto haciendo un circulo. Para q veas como derrapan los pilotos profesionales te invito a q veas el video de:DERRAPE SKYLINE VS CHASER, en este video podras ver como pisan los pedales de acelerador, embreague y freno mediante un par de camaras tomadas dentro del auto. Otro video es: Drift callejero con Skyline GT-R BNR32, en este video solo se puede apreciar como mueve el volante.

I was cleaning out my closet the other night and I found these shirts at the bottom of my dresser. Some old school 360 video t-shirts. Ohh the good ol days.


Went to the set up for the Drift Demo for HIN with the Drift Unit and Team Thrust guys yesterday. Didn’t film to much because the track official says no drifting till Saturday. But that didnt stop them from drifting. They got to drift for about 2 mins till they got busted by the officials. Sucks

Pre Night Shift Set up from iPhilms on Vimeo.

The underground ramen joint in Oregon. You have to be in the know to know where this place is at. Super good spot.

Downtown Portland

Old school style of boarding the plane. Can you imagine boarding this plane during the winter time ?



On the way to Portland Oregon for a few more shoots.

A crazy big shark following my plane

Flew back to SFO from NYC and went straight to Fatlace for the Cone Killers party. Saw a bunch of old friends from the Formula D crew. Good seeing them here in SF. Was pretty tired from my flight so I didnt get to much footage. Here is a little vid of the night.

Cone Killers from iPhilms on Vimeo.

B&H Photo, Closest thing we have to a Yodobashi in America. I can spend hours and hours in this store.

Hung out with Bern, Alice and Kathy one of the nights. Bern was in town kickin it with her homies.

The Flash Dance Crew, boy it was raining that night. LOL . Mark-Afro-Jay Pizz- i

Korean food with Carol, Joe, Jay, Mark and Yoshi

Was in NY filming Lebron James design his custom Air Force 1 shoe. Shoot was pretty easy because he wanted to get out of there as quick as he can. A 2hr design session ended up only being a 30 mins session. Yay!!

Back at the Mercer store.

Bespoke wall

Was never a big fan of the AF1s, more of a SB Dunk fan, but these custom ones look pretty cool.

A nice view from my room at the SOHO Grand.


Water Tanks Galore

Rooftop Relaxation

On the way out


The following day, Chad, Dustin and I met up with Kieth and Ryan to hit up one of my favorite parks ever. The San Mateo park was only 5 mins away from where they were staying. So we ended up sessioning it for about 3 hrs.

Kieth busted out some clean smith grinds on the ledge.

Ryan rolling around

Dustin feeble down the mini rail.

The in4mation homies came through the house a few days ago. Crazy seeing them here in SF. Went to Cha Cha Cha’s then to some party at 111 minna st. Ruckus time all over again!!!

Jun was feelin the ceviche at Cha Cha Cha’s
Ryan chillin back at the pad

Kieth on the goP1060308.jpg
Took the party to 111 Minna. Rob came through despite his crazy work schedule. Me, Todd, Rob

The photo I took back a while ago made it on the Formula D X Fatlace t-shirt. Shot this when we were filming JDM Insider Kanto Tuners. Oh how I miss my Kodak V570.

Back in SF now and it still feels like I never left Hawaii. Summer has finally arrived to SF. No fog, no wind, no heaters.
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