The Tuning World from our eyes…
JDM INSIDER is a unique and groundbreaking look into the street tuning culture in Japan. The goal of this series is to connect automotive enthusiasts all over the world through the adventures of Toshi Hayama and our well respected tuning industry hosts. It is the real life stories of tuners, manufacturers, shops and users throughout  the world.

It’s purpose is to show tuning life to those who may never get a chance to go to Japan or other countries.

Throughout the series, Toshi and the crew travel to the most distant racetracks, the most popular tuning shops, and the world’s most dangerous street racing action to report the latest trends in racing, tuning, and Japanese culture.

JDM Insider is not a video magazine, but a free-style real-world account of our tuning culture. Each volume represents a different adventure with different themes and settings. The common bond:  TUNING CARS. Whether it’s drag racing, drifting, or top speed, JDM INSIDER is there.

What does JDM mean?
JDM refers to the Japanese Domestic Vehicle Market. It was a term originally used to describe Japanese home market FACTORY PARTS that people would special order to make their cars more authentically Japanese spec. After awhile, the term evolved and came to mean anything that comes out of Japan that is not altered, modified, or assimilated to fit any other culture. It means “Pure Japanese.”

While the aftermarket automotive tuning culture has only recently gained momentum here in the US and parts of Europe, there has been a thriving automotive tuning culture in Japan for over 30 years. In that time, the tuning culture has grown and evolved into multiple niche markets and multiple categories. Our goal is to bring you tastes of these niches and subcultures through our journeys.

[ **The JDM INSIDER series contains footage that may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 13. **NONE of the footage in the JDM Insider Series is staged or fake. However, many of the content shown is the result of different cultures and accepted policies. Due to the graphic content of some of the footage, Stage 10, nor its direct or indirect affiliates or sponsors do not endorse street racing or any other illegal activities. The goal of Stage 10 is to accurately report what is happening, not to create it. **The Japanese are crazy. We bring you this action so you can get it out of your system. Please don’t be stupid and try to copy these stunts at home. Be smart, go do it at a race track. ]

JDM INSIDER began in 2002 as a small documentary project. The goal was to create an open medium where Japanese tuners and racers could share their knowledge with the enthusiasts in the US market. JDM Insider represented the invisible tuning world where tuners, shops and enthusiasts could actively be heard. It was also meant to capture a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

JDM Insider now focuses on youth trends, lifestyles, Japanese culture, and other exciting topics.

Toshi realized that his daily life and business in the tuning industry dealt with the top racers, tuners, and industry personalities. He wanted to share these precious experiences and memories with other fellow tuning enthusiasts. He didn’t want to create just another video magazine,…anyone could do that. It had to be unique, it had to be fresh, and had to be real. Toshi wanted JDM INSIDER to reflect a part of himself. That required him to open up his life completely for the cause and to drag all his friend’s along for the ride. It added a new dimension of personality to the tuning cars, races, and events.

JDM INSIDER was developed part-time using personal money. Toshi and the others were only able to release 1 title a year due to their extremely busy schedules and other commitments. It was made by a bunch of amateurs just trying to save a bit of tuning history on film. They were car guys trying to shoot video. Noone knew what they were doing nor what to expect. It was done for the love of the game.

Today, JDM INSIDER has found a powerful new home at Stage 10 Productions Inc. JDM Insider has a enlisted a powerful new cast in the US and Japan. It has a new look, new feel, and is ready to bring you the real tuning life.

About Stage 10 Productions Inc.
Stage 10 was created to protect, connect, and expand the Japanese and US tuning markets both visually and conceptually. Using an extensive network of racecar drivers, manufacturers, and industry personalities, Stage 10 breaks down all previous barriers for content, innovation and style. Stage 10’s goal is to connect the global tuning world together through media, racing, and entertainment.

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