Come check out what you missed in each JDM INSIDER volume! Besides, vol. 1 we’ve shot each volume so that they are like self contained mini adventures. You don’t have to worry about getting the 2001 version…they’re all timeless! (at least we think so…)

JDM INSIDER: Tokyo Auto Salon Street Drifting

Follow Toshi, Hiro and Pro drag racer Stephan Papadakis on a wild and crazy tour of the Tokyo Auto Salon. Then follow the gang into Tokyo for a series of insane parties. Also, be sure not to miss the futuristic Toyota Mega Web!

Join in for a rare in-depth tour of AP Engineering. Hear the stories from AP Engineering president Mr. Kitomi. Then, catch the APEX Cup and drifting demo run for a 4 car drift ensemble! You won’t believe your eyes! Watch as young drivers challenge a full race in the rain!

Ride along DRFT/C-West’s drifting FD RX-7. Watch Pro drifter Ucchi tear up the streets of Osaka. Then off to GT-NET and C-WEST for a candid interview with race driver and president, Mr. Omoto

JDM INSIDER: Yokohama Street Drift

JDM Insider Vol. 2 features a visit with “Smokey” Nagata and his world renowned tuning shop, “TOP SECRET”. Then, an industry first!! Come with us for a private inside look at the crib of GT Racer, D1 Judge, and former mountain drifter, Manabu Orido!!

Another special in insightful one-on-one interview with Takahiro Ueno, the president of T&E will give you new respect for his philosophy. T&E is known for their high-end style and great designs. Then watch Ueno flex his D1 style in front of upcoming drifters at the Nikko Circuit Kazama Auto Drift Day. Go hardcore Touge Drifting in a 600 HP Soarer at one of the original mountain drift spots. Then, off to Yokohama to battle Yakuza bashers and avoid oncoming traffic in a wild all night city drift adventure!!

This adventure is legendary. Click for review.

JDM INSIDER: Kansai Adventure Part 1

Toshi and Hiro take you once again on a wild and crazy adventure that couldn’t fit onto one DVD! Part one of Kansai Adventure takes us deep into the mountains to a remote racetrack called TKL. Here, the locals show us some intense drifting action. A visit to APEX Kyoto gives some insight into the local tuning scenes. Then, it’s off to visit one of Japan’s most respected tuning shops: Phoenix’s Power! Mr. Yokoyama explains his view of the future of tuning and has Toshi and Hiro drive examples: Street Legal 400HP+ RX-7 and Lancer Evolution VIII! Not enough? How about a team of some of the best GIRL drifters in the world!? Still not enough? JDM Kansai wraps up part one with a never before seen up close look at the KANJO Racers. These racers have been around for over 20 years and race on the freeways like maniacs! This segment will make your hair stand!

The JDM crew drives a total of over 2500 miles in 10 days and documents every moment of it! Humorous skits like Looking for Luv, the crappy van, and Maiko girls of Kyoto. JDM Insider educates about the tuning culture and provides insight into the Japanese tuning culture like no other video. The JDM crew also introduces a bit of Japanese culture to make this DVD a unique combination of Japanese culture, people and tuning cars.

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JDM INSIDER: Kansai Adventure Part 2

The Kansai Adventure continues full power in PART 2 as Toshi and Hiro rock the streets of Japan! Avoid the typhoon and get loose at the STREET DRAGS in Shikoku with a 1000+HP Skyline GTR. Spend the day chillin and cruisin’ the streets with the Kyoto Drifters. Then it’s time to meet Mr. Makihara, the owner of one of the biggest and most respected tuning shops: TRIAL. Listen to his philosophy and hear him drop his knowledge. Check out TRIAL’s service and tuning facilities.

Afterwards, it’s time to spend the day hangin' out at Central Circuit. Join the JDM crew for a rare interview with Mr. Yamasaki from PX Engineering and hear the true stories of the legendary street racing crew: Team Midnight. Listen to his philosophies on tuning, street racing and tuning trends. Toshi and Hiro change it up a little by hopping on board some of the baddest street machines and blast along the Wangan freeway for some TOP SPEED street racing. Not enough action? Then maybe you should check out the SDC: Street Drift Challenge where the top drifters from Osaka and Kobe square off on the streets to see which city has the best drifters!! Kansai Adventure pt 2 is packed with all the nonstop street action and fun filled skits that only JDM Insider can produce!! You haven’t been to the streets of Kansai until you’ve seen JDM Insider Kansai Adventure pt 2.


JDM INSIDER: Kanto Tuners

JDM INSIDER is on a whole new level! Toshi and the new power packed JDM INSIDER crew take you deep into the Kanto area tuning world. Here you’ll meet people such as the president of the Ogura Clutch empire, Mr. Ogura himself!!! Then Toshi will show you how badly an amateur like himself loses to a pro racer at the ORC Kartland! Come spend a day at Mobara Twin Circuit with “Smokey” Nagata from Top Secret and Pro Drifter Youichi Imamura  while they test and tune their Skyline powered ORC Z33 !! Party with TS Company’s Mr. Yazaki as he takes us to his secret private touge deep in the mountains of Izu! Revisit some JDM INSIDER regulars when we drop by our old friend Takahiro Ueno at T&E/ Suivax. Rock the Kanto touges with Takahashi’s insane 500HP Chaser and Daisuke’s S14. You know we roll deep when Ueno volunteers to be our camera car!!  Then it’s time to get schooled by Eiji and Allen of Tomei Powered, manufacturers of insane engine parts. We’ll also take you to Pro racer Manabu Orido’s new bar/restaurant “559” and the REAL location of Mt Akina in the Initial D comics. Also be sure to check out the expanded humorous skits and partying that makes JDM INSIDER so unique!

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